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If one methond is not working for you try different methods
Follow the video to find how to install iptv m3u playlist in MYtvonline (use method 1 in the video you must write entire m3u plalyist link that you receive from us ) :

Tutorial how to install mytvonline2 using xtream codes logins

  • What you need to provide to your service provider: 
  • What you will receive from your service provider: Portal URL, UserID/Password
    e.g. Portal URL: “” or “”,
    e.g. UserID/Password: UsernID:11111 and Password:22222


Follow this video to setup parental control on channels and favorite :

Hre you can find more helpful videos about Formuler box. 

—This box is having bugs on loading heavy data , and the portal can stuck on loading in this case contact your iptv provider , to fix this we have to remove content from your plalyist to get your box load portal . Or open Playstore and install Tivimate or Ott Navigator app, you will able to use big playsts with no issues ( inspect our other tutorials if need help to install tivmate or ott navigator after downloading and installing the app in your device.


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