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Our iptv is compatible with all iptv devices and apps . We provide service but not the apps , you’re free to use any app you want . Below we will recomand some apps that you can use , if one app not working as you expect or you don’t like you’re free to change with another . Some apps are paid others are free. Scroll down the page to see more tutorials , if you don’t know to install an app or is not working search in this page for another app. We provide m3u playlist and xtream codes logins for apps that requires , as well as mag box portals. 

Tips and recommandations
-we don’t recommend smart iptv app because that app is giving faulty , need several attempts till you can success complete installation for smart tv’s you have better options : net iptv app or setup iptv you will find tutorials down on this page  -we also don’t recommand iptv smarters pro app for smart tv’s because will not work. tehy ask for money to whitelist portals , is a good app and will work good for rest of devices you can use it but not for smart tv’ reccommandation is strictly for smart tv’s -in our playlist you will find many streaming iptv providers , so if you got any channel with temprorarely issue that not work or play not well, freezing, buffering , use search consoe of the app and type channel there switch to same channel but different streaming source , or change folder ( boutiques ) to different one you will see folders like Live Local Vip etc each folder can be from different streaming source if all folders with issue is clearly that you have internet issues , we recomand cable connection for internet not wireless , we guarantee that most of the time we are very stable iptv, our best streaming providers combined with our own latest developed system that makes a quality stable iptv.

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